Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Part Three of the Queen Anne Renovation

                                   Welcome back to the Queen Anne dollhouse.

      Here is a photo of the inside before the renovation.  The top floor was reinforced with fiber board, to give it some strength.  The walls were removed through out the house. I wanted a more open concept in this home.  

       The stair steps were removed so they could be cleaned up and repainted.  They were in a sorry-sloppy state, but well worth saving.

       Here you can see the steps put back into the house at a different angle then originally done.  The steps look much more grand this way, and really show off the unique angle of the landing half way up.  I covered the steps and landing with a wood look that matches the floors, that I decided to use through out the house.

   Here is the house, nearly done.  I have since made some changes to the furniture layout.  There is the Lady of the house, up in the room, next to the bathroom.  She decided that room would make a  more private bedroom, then the one on the floor below.  I agreed, and set to work.

   I will get my new photos down loaded soon, then I can show you the rest of the house, "up close". This was such a fun project.  I located some lovely portraits of Queen Anne, and placed those in the house as well.

     Until next time,  smile on!      Audrey

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