Monday, April 13, 2015

The Queen Anne Dollhouse Renovation

     Today, I would like to bring you up to speed on the Queen Anne house.  Back on February 5th, I showed pictures of this rather tattered building.  Since that time I have been working on it's renovation.

   The tower was a complete mess.  Duct tape had been used to hold it together.  I removed it and took it to the drawing board and designed a new one for the house.

   The paint job and overall construction was also a mess.  It was decided that, there were floors that even needed to be reinforced, old paint scrapped away, balconies removed, and the stairwell inside dismantled and sanded and painted before it could be put in the house again.

   Fortunately, for me, my husband was a big help on all of these problems.  Once, the building was solid again, I could begin the "fun" part.

      Let's take a walk through this sweet old mess, together.  Watch your step, construction zone!!

                         Smile On!        Audrey  ; )

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