Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Queen Anne Dollhouse Renovation (Part 5)

    Welcome back to the tour of the Queen Anne.  This renovation has been pure fun, for me.  Taking a dollhouse that was in a sad state, and bringing it back from the brink of the garbage heap has been quite an adventure.  I have learned a lot along the way.  

   Here is the third floor of this dear old house.

    This is the bedroom on the left side of the third floor.  Sewphe has her knitting close by her comfy chair. The bed is one that I made, and I crocheted the bedspread for it.  The night stand was a purchase that I stained.
    The vanity set and hot water bottle, were purchased.  Sewphie loves lavender perfume, and a nice hot water bottle to keep her toes toasty.
     The vase of flowers is another one that I turned on the lathe, and painted white, adding a little blue design
           As I am looking at this photo, there should be a soft little rug on the floor next to the bed.  Now, where did I put that crochet hook?

     Here is the bathroom.  This is the center room on the third floor.  The rug is a piece I found in a magazine and mod-podged it to the floor.  It worked quite nicely with the wall paper.

    I am not sure what to call this room.  It leads into the solarium, that is the top floor of the tower.
Let's see what Sewphe has growing in there.

   The little lady of the house has quite a passion for the tropical plants.  She dotes on her orange tree, and enjoys the fruit that it provides.  The poster on the wall depicts tropical birds, which is another of Sewphe's interests.

   I hope you enjoyed this tour.  Here are a few photos of before and after, once again.

           The house now sits in the room I call the "Village Room".  My husband came up with the name as he helped me move the guest bed out, and moved the houses in.   It's my happy little village.

    Thanks again, for stopping in and taking the tour.     Smile On!!      Audrey

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