Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Queen Anne House (Part 4)

      This is Sewphe, she is a spool doll I made back in 2012.  She has taken up residence in the Queen Anne.  She will be taking us on the tour today.

    The parlor is the first room you enter.  The furniture was a four piece set that I purchased.  This room needed a fancy set, and this fit the bill.

    From this angle you can see the stairwell, and the little kittens playing under it.  Walking past the stairwell you enter the sitting room.  A cozy area, with a rocking chair, and a basket of crochet sitting near by.  The little coal stove, with a bucket of coal, was a kit I put together.  The rocking chair and foot stool were also a kit.

     To the right of the sitting room is the dining room.  This room is located  in the tower of the house.  The dining room table and chairs are a set built by my Dad, back in 1982.  The set is made from a walnut tree he had harvested from his yard.  There are six chairs total.

    This is a picture I took from the outside of the house.  The candelabra was a fun piece I found at a craft store.  There isn't a kitchen in this house.  With a little imagination, I decided to "pretend" there is one in the imaginary lower floor.  The dumb waiter in the dining room provides beautiful meals with just a mere twinkle of a bell.  See the lovely brown doors on the far wall in this next picture?  That is the dumb waiter.

                   Let's go upstairs and see the second floor.  On the landing we see some antiques.

       The bust of George Washington, and a portrait of Queen Anne reflect the history of this house.

        To the left is the library.  The two large chairs are pieces that I built, as well as the two end tables.  The large library table was a purchase, and stained to match the house.  The portrait above the table is another of the lovely Queen Anne.  The vase with flowers is a piece I turned on the wood lathe, and added the arrangement of flowers.  The chandelier was a piece that came with the house, in a bag of "stuff".

    To the right of the stairwell and in the far corner of the tower is Sewphe's office.  She is an author, and spends a great deal of time in here, writing.  She writes her novels in long hand, and then types up the manuscripts to send off to her publisher.

                                                  Sewphe calls this her "happy place".

                Next time we will tour the third floor.  Until then,  Smile On!      Audrey

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