Friday, May 15, 2015

Little Sister, Composition Doll 1920-30

    I would like to share with you, the other little doll I repaired.  She turned out to look like my oldest granddaughter, when she was a little girl.

   This little darling is also a composition doll.  Early 1920-30's.  Someone decided to add some pencil lines to her eyes to give her longer eyelashes.  Her hair style is formed, braids pulled over the crown of her head.
  I used the same process on her.  A gentle sponge bath, and acrylic paint to match her skin tone.

    After her make-over, I crocheted her dress and shoes to match.  I wrote on her back side, when I restored her.  She turned out soooo darling!!   I named her Hannah!

    On this photo you can see how the braid comes from the back and crosses over the top of her head.

                                                              Here is a before picture.

                                                Two happy little dolls, all fresh and clean!

    Thank you for stopping in today, I hope your weekend is restful and sunny!!!    Smile On!    Audrey

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

1920's Composition Dolls

   Here are a couple of little orphan dolls I picked up in Stillwater, Minnesota.  They are both composition dolls, and the little one in blue suffered from a broken foot.  They had been loved, and needed some TLC.

                        I decided to start with a gentle sponge bath, on the littlest one of the two.

                            This little guy  turned out rather cute, after a little paint and new clothes.

          He has a new sweater and booties that I crocheted for him.  And, a fresh new blanket.

          I decided to call him Robert Joseph, or "Bobbie Jo".  Looking good for a doll that is probably about 90 years old.

        Next time we will take a look at the other little dolls make-over.  Until then,  Smile On!    Audrey

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hen and Cat Musicians

     A syrup bottle, and a Styrofoam ball, with aquarium rocks added to the bottle for some weight.  This was the beginning of a project I had started  quite awhile ago, and decided it was time to see what I could do with these structures.

   I added some papier mache, and a couple of pipe cleaners for the arms.  Then, I brought out the paper clay, and started sculpting.  I had two dolls going at once, the other one failed to get into the photo!

    The first one started out as a chicken.  After the clay dried, I added quilt batting to fill out her form, and create some chicken wings.

    The second doll is a cat.  Both of these characters were inspired by some musical instruments I had stashed away for quite some time.  The instruments were so cute, I just had to have them for a "someday" project.

    The Lady Chicken is a member of a very prestigious orchestra.  This adorable instrument was a find at a yard sale, many summers ago.  She loves it.  It's even been tuned, by my handy man!

    The Cat and her fiddle.  They both stand about 13" tall.   I papier mached the cats dress, and I used acrylic paint, to paint her.    I also painted the chicken, with acrylic paint as well.

                                                     They insisted I show their "close-ups".

       I hope you enjoyed meeting these two gals.     Happy Mother's Day, to all you Moms' out there!

                           Smile On!        Audrey

Friday, May 1, 2015

Blossoms on May 1st

Happy May First to You!     Here is two mini baskets of posies I crocheted, and a vase of yellow roses I made.  I can almost smell the lilacs.  Sweet May is finally here!!

    The photo above is all of the vases I turned on the lathe.  The wood is paduke, it is a really interesting wood to turn, the saw dust is fine like cinnamon.

   Happy May Day!!  Hope Your Weekend Blossoms with Wonderfulness!   Smile On!

          Sending a Birthday greeting to Janice, today!        Audrey