Friday, May 15, 2015

Little Sister, Composition Doll 1920-30

    I would like to share with you, the other little doll I repaired.  She turned out to look like my oldest granddaughter, when she was a little girl.

   This little darling is also a composition doll.  Early 1920-30's.  Someone decided to add some pencil lines to her eyes to give her longer eyelashes.  Her hair style is formed, braids pulled over the crown of her head.
  I used the same process on her.  A gentle sponge bath, and acrylic paint to match her skin tone.

    After her make-over, I crocheted her dress and shoes to match.  I wrote on her back side, when I restored her.  She turned out soooo darling!!   I named her Hannah!

    On this photo you can see how the braid comes from the back and crosses over the top of her head.

                                                              Here is a before picture.

                                                Two happy little dolls, all fresh and clean!

    Thank you for stopping in today, I hope your weekend is restful and sunny!!!    Smile On!    Audrey

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