Monday, June 8, 2015

First Post in June

    Ahh!  The lovely month of June!!  Like natures sweet nectar, I savor every moment.  The hostas' are in full bloom, they always exceed my expectations, each year getting bigger and more beautiful.

    Even the "weeds" have a certain charm, when you look closely.  Have you taken a close look at "Creeping Charlie"?  It has the most exquisite little lavender-blue flowers!  Nature truly has me spellbound,  at this time of year.  This little yellow bloom is an intruder, but I love it's flower and the leaves are similar to clover leaves, except they droop downward.

    The studio is a flurry of activity, too.  I opened the "new" window, and natures' sounds filter in, and I am once again in my happy place.   I will show some pictures of the projects next time!

   Thanks for stopping in, I hope your summer months are filled with sunshine, and warm breezes!!

                                                                     Smile On!    Audrey

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