Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ohio Composition Dolls

    Two little orphans arrived from Ohio, the other day.  The biggest doll measures about 23".  The head has tin eyes, and an open mouth, with teeth.  It looked as if someone painted the hair.  The label on the back of the head, read, "Hug Me Dolly".  With a little research, I found the date it was made, 1935.  This is a composition doll.

   The littlest doll measures about, 18".  There is no label or marking on this one.  It is a composition doll, with a cloth body and legs.

   I started working on the Hug Me doll, first.  The eyes were a little wonky, so I decided to do some work on them, and the challenge was quite difficult.

  In reconsidering my approach, I probably should have left them alone.  I removed the eyes, and after repainting them, I had a really difficult time getting them back in.
   The mouth piece was also a separate part that I could remove and clean. The teeth had red paint on them.

   All together once again.  Shiny and clean.  I decided to name this little guy, Karl.  The clothes he wears are some I picked up at a second hand shop.  Love those little bib overalls!  Karl Harold, agrees!!

   Restoring these old treasures is very rewarding.  I am not a professional doll doctor, I wing it, and bring them back from the brink of neglect.
            Thanks for stopping in today!    Smile On!     Audrey

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