Sunday, July 26, 2015

California Composition Doll 1920's

    Here is a little California girl, I would like to share with you.  She arrived quite dirty, and in need of some cleaning and restoration.  Her little hairdo, with the formed pony, really caught my eye.  The expression on her face is really sincere.

    I can remember my Mom telling me a story about Grandpa buying a red ribbon for my older sister, she was quite little and had a head of red hair.  Mom didn't like the idea of a red ribbon with that lovely red hair. Hopefully my sister was able to wear it when Grandpa came for a visit!

    This little doll came with the red ribbon, and tattered shoes with old blue socks.  She measures about 20".  Her body is stuffed with straw, and her head, arms, and legs are all composition.  I think she dates from the early 1920"s.

    I won't go into the restoration process on this blog.  However, I think she polished up rather well.  It's difficult to decide if she's smiling or day dreaming about some past event in her life.

    Rosa Leah, is quite happy with her new look.  And, sits quietly with the rest of the dolls.  Such a cutie!!

       Hope your day is dreamy, too!!       Smile On!         Audrey

Sunday, July 19, 2015

German Minerva Doll

      Greetings!  This little doll is a German tin-head.  This type of doll was made somewhere
between 1888-1925/30.  

   She measures about 14" in length.  Her body is a soft leather, her legs muslin.  Her hands were missing, and the outfit was less then flattering.

       The eyes are glass, and a lovely shade of brown.  I carefully sanded the head, and painted the areas where the metal was showing with an enamel.  I patched and mended the leather body where it was needed, and made her some new hands out of paper clay.  I repainted the entire head with acrylics, and then assembled her back together again.

   She has a crocheted blouse, and a black skirt with lace.  I remade the legs and gave her proper feet to stand on.
   Another little sweetie to add to my growing collection!  Thanks for looking in on my latest adventure!

             Smile On!       Audrey

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Lucky Five Dollar Wonder Doll

       Welcome Back!  I would like to share with you a " little deal" of a doll I found at an outdoor vendors tent.  It was marked $12.00.  I picked it up, and the gentleman selling the doll said, " It's yours, for $5.00."
Well, it only took me a moment to decide.  Yes, I wanted another challenge!

  This little baby dates from the early 1900's.  The composition head and hands were attached to a very stained and soiled cloth body.

   The head had been held together by some very strong medical tape.  A dirty little dress and face, only added to the charm of this little diamond in the rough.

   I disassembled the doll, and cut out a new body from muslin.  The body was just to dirty to keep.

   The head had some serious fractures, and lots of cracks.  Even the face showed a tremendous amount of damage.  I took this one, and removed the surface.  It seemed the only way to save it.

   Here is a photo of the dolls new body, and the head stripped down to the wood composition.  I glued it together and patched it with some paper clay,  sanded the head and the arms gently.

                                        Here is the little dear boy, all put together again!

                 Some acrylic paint, a satin sealer, and his little head is all healed and healthy again.

     Here he is, all ready for a good long nap, dressed in his new pajamas!  Oh-oh!  He doesn't appear to be sleepy.  I think, I'll call him Donovan, he looks a little Irish to me.

                Luck of the Irish to You!       Smile On!!        Audrey

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Century Doll Pretty in Pink

    It's funny how one thing leads to another in the creative process.  I have found several old dolls dating back to the early 1900's.  And just as I finish restoring one, another comes into my life.  Today I would like to share a little "Century" doll that I found in my own home town.

   This little darling dates from 1909 to 1928.  The company was The Century Doll Company of New York.

   Other than the bruised nose, she must have taken quite a tumble at some point in her long life. She was in good shape, and needed a cleaning, and sanding.  Once that was done I painted her with acrylics.

         She needed to be a brunette, and have brown eyes.  I crocheted the outfit, and she just seemed to want to have pink!  With matching shoes, of course.

   Pretty, once again.  This little sweetie keeps her arms extended for a big hug.  She measures about 22".
I named her, Marcia Marie.  In memory of someone very dear to me.

  The creative process is such a wonderful adventure, if I allow it to flow, good things happen!!
Now, onto the next little sweetie......Smile On!!     Audrey

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ohio Composition Dolls #2

    In the last post I showed you two dolls I received from Ohio.  I would like to share with you how the littlest one looks, now that it is also restored.

    First, here are the before pictures.

   The back of the head was the worst.  With a lot of sanding, paper clay fill in, and more sanding, she started to look better.

    The process takes quite a lot of time.  Each step brings the doll a little closer to "pretty", once again.

    I dressed her in these cute little pj's, for now.  I am currently working on a crocheted dress for her, with a bonnet, to cover that cute little head.

                                                                Before and After

  Karl Harold and Baby Leona, are really a couple of cuties, and they both put a smile on my face, when I see them sitting in their basket, together.

    Hope you enjoyed this project.  There are several more dolls sitting in the waiting room waiting for their make-overs!      
                                   Smile On!     Audrey