Sunday, July 26, 2015

California Composition Doll 1920's

    Here is a little California girl, I would like to share with you.  She arrived quite dirty, and in need of some cleaning and restoration.  Her little hairdo, with the formed pony, really caught my eye.  The expression on her face is really sincere.

    I can remember my Mom telling me a story about Grandpa buying a red ribbon for my older sister, she was quite little and had a head of red hair.  Mom didn't like the idea of a red ribbon with that lovely red hair. Hopefully my sister was able to wear it when Grandpa came for a visit!

    This little doll came with the red ribbon, and tattered shoes with old blue socks.  She measures about 20".  Her body is stuffed with straw, and her head, arms, and legs are all composition.  I think she dates from the early 1920"s.

    I won't go into the restoration process on this blog.  However, I think she polished up rather well.  It's difficult to decide if she's smiling or day dreaming about some past event in her life.

    Rosa Leah, is quite happy with her new look.  And, sits quietly with the rest of the dolls.  Such a cutie!!

       Hope your day is dreamy, too!!       Smile On!         Audrey

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