Sunday, July 19, 2015

German Minerva Doll

      Greetings!  This little doll is a German tin-head.  This type of doll was made somewhere
between 1888-1925/30.  

   She measures about 14" in length.  Her body is a soft leather, her legs muslin.  Her hands were missing, and the outfit was less then flattering.

       The eyes are glass, and a lovely shade of brown.  I carefully sanded the head, and painted the areas where the metal was showing with an enamel.  I patched and mended the leather body where it was needed, and made her some new hands out of paper clay.  I repainted the entire head with acrylics, and then assembled her back together again.

   She has a crocheted blouse, and a black skirt with lace.  I remade the legs and gave her proper feet to stand on.
   Another little sweetie to add to my growing collection!  Thanks for looking in on my latest adventure!

             Smile On!       Audrey

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