Monday, July 13, 2015

The Lucky Five Dollar Wonder Doll

       Welcome Back!  I would like to share with you a " little deal" of a doll I found at an outdoor vendors tent.  It was marked $12.00.  I picked it up, and the gentleman selling the doll said, " It's yours, for $5.00."
Well, it only took me a moment to decide.  Yes, I wanted another challenge!

  This little baby dates from the early 1900's.  The composition head and hands were attached to a very stained and soiled cloth body.

   The head had been held together by some very strong medical tape.  A dirty little dress and face, only added to the charm of this little diamond in the rough.

   I disassembled the doll, and cut out a new body from muslin.  The body was just to dirty to keep.

   The head had some serious fractures, and lots of cracks.  Even the face showed a tremendous amount of damage.  I took this one, and removed the surface.  It seemed the only way to save it.

   Here is a photo of the dolls new body, and the head stripped down to the wood composition.  I glued it together and patched it with some paper clay,  sanded the head and the arms gently.

                                        Here is the little dear boy, all put together again!

                 Some acrylic paint, a satin sealer, and his little head is all healed and healthy again.

     Here he is, all ready for a good long nap, dressed in his new pajamas!  Oh-oh!  He doesn't appear to be sleepy.  I think, I'll call him Donovan, he looks a little Irish to me.

                Luck of the Irish to You!       Smile On!!        Audrey

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