Sunday, August 23, 2015

Composition Doll From Ohio

      A little ol' doll came from Ohio, last month.  She measured 26", she's probably about 80 years old, but she is not saying for sure.  

      She had a bad gash next to her left eye.  She is a composition doll with straw body and legs.

     She is a big girl!  I nick-named her, "Stretch".  She didn't seem to mind.  After considering how to take care of her, and some lengthy attention, she turned out real pretty!

                              Brown eyes, and a new hair color seemed to brighten her up.

   I made her some lovely little undies.  A camisole, and a pair of bloomers with lace.  Her shoes and socks were painted on, cleaning up her legs and feet nicely.  The shoes are the " old button- up- the- side," type. 

    Once her dress was made, with the matching bonnet, she needed a real name.  Ashley, seems to suit her.

                                           Ashley sits comfortably with the rest of the little dolls!

    Thanks for stopping in today!   Hope you discover pretty things through out your new week!

                                                                                Smile On!     Audrey

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