Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Little Miss Mess

    A little doll arrived from Pennsylvania one day.   She desperately needed some attention.  Looking almost beyond help, I decided to try and give her a proper cleaning, and a new life!

    She arrived wearing this outfit, so someone loved her enough to make sure she had proper clothes to make the trip.

    The little doll  next to her is a spool doll I made.  She has decided that she is the welcoming committee of one.  She tells  the new arrivals, a good amount of information on what will take place, here at their new home.   Little Miss Mess, is ready for her make-over.

    After some prep, and a great deal of sanding, she was ready for the primer paint to be used.

   Her right hand was nearly gone, so I built up another for her.  Primed her body as well, removing the rusty non-working voice box, and adding a little stuffing to compensate.  She waited for her make-over to continue.  She's 14" tall, and is a Century doll.  Probably dates from between 1909-1928.

    Here she is, all done.  I used the acrylic paints, and crocheted a new outfit for her.  She had cloth feet, so I decided to paint shoes and stockings on her, too.

    A little hat, was needed to finish off her brand new look!  She is no longer called "Little Miss Mess".  I decided on the name of, Heather.   She is truly a little treasure, and adds one more to my collection of restored, Century Dolls.  A doll company once in production in New York.

          Thanks for stopping in today, hope you have a wonderful day!     Smile On!   Audrey

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