Sunday, August 2, 2015

Train Wreck from Kansas

    Good Morning!  Here he is, Kansas.  I nicknamed him "Train Wreck".  This little guy presented a lot of challenges to restore.

   This little guy, probably dates from the early 1900's.  Composition: head, arms, and legs; with a straw body.  The straw actually looks like excelsior stuffing.   He measures about 15".

   A split head, (major migraine)....a missing foot, and badly damaged toes on the other foot.  He wasn't even able to give a high-five, as he was missing a thumb on one hand.

   He had been through some really rough days of play, from the looks of him.  It was surprising that he had his original clothes still intact.

     Here he is starting his restoration process.  Glued his little head back together, using good ol' rubber bands to hold it together while it dried.  He started to look better already.  Sort of?

   I decided to disassemble him completely, and started the process of mending and building him a new foot. Along with a tiny replacement for his missing thumb.  Used his old body, as a pattern, to cut out a new one from muslin fabric.

        This is his head with an undercoat of blue paint.  It gives a nice tone to the flesh color I will add to his head, arms and legs.

    Here he is!!  No longer a "train wreck".  I let him keep the name, "Kansas".   I used his old clothes for a pattern to make this spiffy new outfit.  I made him some little brown felt shoes.  Here are a few more photos.  Before and After.


    Thanks for taking the time to check on the progress of my, "Jolly Dolly Renovations!"  Hope the new week brings you happy thoughts.        
                                                        Smile On!          Audrey  ; )

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