Friday, September 11, 2015

Little Ol' Gal From Texas

    I would like to introduce you to a little gal' that came all the way from Texas!!  She  looked road weary, and was loved very much, as she came with a pretty blue cotton dress, and a coat of many colors.  The fabric is vintage, possibly dating from the 1920-1930's.    Someone even made her a braided necklace.

    She sat patiently for awhile, until I decided what could be done to freshen her up, and consider how to use her lovely clothes in a new way.

    She measures about 14" tall.  Her head and arms, minus one thumb, are made of composition.  Her body and legs are cloth, stuffed with straw (excelsior).

    On closer examination, she required some attention to a bad injury to her head and shoulders. Her cloth body was soiled and mended many times through the years.   I made her another cloth body, stuffed with clean white batting.

    Here she is, in her all together!   She was really excited about the restyle I did with her outfit, and couldn't wait to try it on.

    It's amazing what a little rick-rack will do for a gal.  A few satin ribbon flowers added to the neckline of her dress added a nice touch.  A new hat from some old fabric, and a yellow rose added to that.  She is one happy girl from Texas!

                       I just couldn't resist that sweet little face, so, from this to......


    Her name is Matilda.  She is currently establishing a dancing studio in the local area.   Her specialty is waltzing, of course!   Line dancing can be quite a hoot, too!  

      Hope you can take the time to do a little dancing in your life!!!      Smile On!       Audrey

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