Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Dreamer From Holland

   Now, here is a sad little fella'.  He arrived from Indiana.  The challenge was to make him handsome, and cheerful once again.

    He measures about 10", and his feet and hands were completely worn away.  His body was tightly stuffed, with excelsior, and  he had been patched many times through his lifetime.

    He turned out quite handsome, after prepping him, and painting with acrylics.  He needed to be a blond, and of course he told me his dreams were of Holland, and traditional wooden shoes.

    I used paper clay to sculpt the shoes on him, and added some mittens for his hands.  His feet and hands are nice and toasty, now!

       His costume is made with wool and felt, and attached to his body.  Guus Aaron stands proudly, for his portrait.



    It just goes to show you, never- ever, give up!   Guus Aaron didn't, and he feels like a brand new boy! Considering he could be 100 years old.

    I hope your new week is filled with calm, and contentment.     Smile On!!     Audrey


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