Friday, October 30, 2015

Old Composition Doll Disaster

     This old girl, came in a package with several other dolls.  An Ohio native, she had seen better days, and was truly a causality of a child's love.

    This "one armed wonder" really had me "stumped," (pun intended).     On closer inspection, there didn't seem to be any way to bring her back from this bad state!

    She just wouldn't give up.  She sat waiting and hoping, I would come up with some way to help her.  It seemed the only way to bring her out of this situation was to reconsider, and take a completely different approach to her.

    After chipping away all of the old "plastic" coating, the composition was in worse shape then I feared.
At this point I decided to bring out the paper sculpture.  She encouraged me to "embellish", and give her a completely new look, a new life, a new personality!

    She became a "Changeling".   Becoming a magical being, she decided on the name of, Willowynn.  Her life story is one she has rewritten, and claims she hails from a far away hill in Scotland.

      Willowynn  does a happy little dance whenever she hears a gig!   The sound of  bagpipes really makes this little girl kick up her heels!!

     There are more adventures aplenty in the studio.  More dolls to help, more stories to discover.  I recently came across a doll with a voice box inside that no longer worked, dated 1917.  

        Happy Halloween!   Be Careful Out There....Ghouls and Ghosts Rule!  

                                                        Smile On!     Audrey

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ghost Girl Found!

    The mystery of little Ghost Girl, has come to light!  I found her in the photo files, and discovered her "before" and "during the process" photos.

    She had a very soiled body, and patches at the arms.  Someone had attempted to keep her together, thankfully.   I decided to give her a new cloth body, and she actually grew about 6".

   The composition she was made of, was quite rough and brittle.  I would date her from around the early 1900's.   There were some deep cracks and areas that needed to be repaired.  I used the paper sculpture to fill in, and sanded those areas.  Her face was in good shape, except for the dark area on her forehead.

    Here are the "after photos".

    During the restoration I started calling her, my Honey Girl.  The name seems to suit her.  She is one little sweet doll.  Measuring a full 26", she proudly sits with her brand new outfit, and "real" girl shoes!

        I hope you are having a "honey" of a day!!       Smile On!     Audrey

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ghost Girl

   This doll came from Oregon, sometime in early August.  She was very tattered and worn.  She called herself, Ghost Girl.
    She was aware of the fact that she was only a "ghost" of what she once was.

   We became acquainted in the usual way.  I listened, and considered ways to help her.  She sat patiently on the cupboard in the studio, hoping something magical could happen to her.

         The process of removing all of the surface on her head, and attending to the sorry state her hands were in, took quite a long time.    I took these before photos, and then, I thought I forgot to take the process photos.  Ghost Girl seemed to have disappeared.   I confused her with another doll who's photos looked very similar to hers, well, quite frankly, I became confused.  

    Ghost Girl measured about 20" long, and from the looks of the composition and the surface, I would guess she dates from the early 1920's.   She had no makers marks on her neck, so her origins are unknown.  Seems applicable for someone who calls herself by the name of Ghost Girl.

    Well, while I sort out this mess, I will find her once again, and let you in on her transformation, very soon!!

   Happy Halloween!   Play Safely!!      
                                                             Smile On!



Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Patience Restored

    When I received this little doll from Ohio, someone had already attempted to restore her.  The little darling was no worse for the attempt.  On closer examination I found that she was a Reliable doll made in Canada.

   I did my usual prepping and decided to keep her as original as possible.   She is 14" tall, a composition doll with excelsior stuffing.  She was in really good shape, except for the "make-over", to bring back her facial features.

   She has her twinkle in her eyes again.  A brand new crocheted dress and bonnet, with white ankle socks and new shoes.   I named her Patience.

                                                   Now, she is one happy little dolly!!

     Do you remember wearing white anklets, and new shiny white shoes?   I found a quote the other day, I would like to share it with you!

      "It's never to late to have a happy childhood."      Smile On!     Audrey

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Two Little Uneeda Dolls

    Twins!   These two little dears arrived from Ohio, in July.   They look like another doll I have, that came with her wardrobe box.  They are called "Sweetums".   Made by a company called " Uneeda Doll Co."  from New York.

   They are advertised as dolls that will drink a bottle, wets a diaper, and goes to sleep.  The date on the wardrobe box states that they were patented in May of 1936.

    That makes the little dears about 79 years old.  I purchased the twins first, and decided that they didn't need much TLC.  The only thing that was worn and needed some repair, was their mouths.  They looked like very dark holes in their faces, lips rather tattered from having a bottle shoved into the mouth.  The composition material couldn't hold up to that kind of stress.

    I crocheted these little outfits with matching bonnets.  I looked through my stash of plastic bits, and decided to make a tiny pacifier.  That would be just the ticket, to cover up their worn little mouths.

    This is little "Cora Mae", all dressed up in a sweet little green outfit, she is  about 11" long.

    This is little "Nora Rae", all dressed up in a pink and green outfit.  She is exactly the same size as her sister.   My daughter Maggie, came up with the names for these two.  Perfect, Cora and Nora!

    The third little "Sweetums" doll, is to shy to come out of her wardrobe case.  But, when she finally gets a peek at these two in their new outfits, she will soon want her own little bonnet, and dress, too!  Not to mention a pacifier, as well!

    All my dolls don't arrive looking like terrible-awful-messy little wreaks.  Sometimes, just a little attention can bring back the sparkle in their eyes.   And, make them oh-so lovable once again.

                       Smile On!!      Audrey

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Vogue Doll Restored

   Sometimes life can be a rough road.  This little Vogue doll had seen some interesting times.  The expression on her face is one of pure determination.

   She visited the local doll surgeon, I call him, Doctor Ed.  He is exceptionally good at knowing what to do when the situation seems rather dire.

   Little Vera looked on with some trepidation, but soon realized she was in good hands.  After Doctor Ed finished replacing her limbs with some new springs, her mobility improved 100%.

  She spent some time in physical therapy, and was given a whole new look. Once the hard part was done, I crocheted her a brand new dress, with matching bonnet, and cute little shoes.  It's really fun to crochet little dresses and bonnets!

    Vera is quite pleased with her new life.  She stands at 7", and has a stylish new hairdo, as the wig she had previously was long gone.  The little white shoes were an antique store find, years ago.  And just like in a fairy tale, they fit her "just right".

     Thanks for checking in today.  As the Jolly Dolly Renovator, I just can't help but to....Smile On!


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Victorian Carriage Restored

    We finished the Victorian baby carriage.   It's not as fancy as it once was, but it is clean, and all freshened up.  We decided on a green color for the fabric, and it looks nice with the wicker.

                                                         This is what it looked like before.

                                                       This is what it looks like now!
                                                  Ed was a great help on this project!

      I have it sitting out in the cottage.  The character doll sitting in the chair in the background is Devon from Delaware.  He sits in the carriage, now.  He imagines a lovely stroll through the park and a clip-clop of a pony's hooves as it pulls him through the lane lined with the  fall colored trees.

      I've been working on several dolls, and have a list of them that are finished and waiting for their "blog-moment".

             Until next time.  And a Merry Little Tune of Happy Birthday to Twyla and Bambi!!

                                                    Smile On!    Audrey