Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ghost Girl Found!

    The mystery of little Ghost Girl, has come to light!  I found her in the photo files, and discovered her "before" and "during the process" photos.

    She had a very soiled body, and patches at the arms.  Someone had attempted to keep her together, thankfully.   I decided to give her a new cloth body, and she actually grew about 6".

   The composition she was made of, was quite rough and brittle.  I would date her from around the early 1900's.   There were some deep cracks and areas that needed to be repaired.  I used the paper sculpture to fill in, and sanded those areas.  Her face was in good shape, except for the dark area on her forehead.

    Here are the "after photos".

    During the restoration I started calling her, my Honey Girl.  The name seems to suit her.  She is one little sweet doll.  Measuring a full 26", she proudly sits with her brand new outfit, and "real" girl shoes!

        I hope you are having a "honey" of a day!!       Smile On!     Audrey

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