Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ghost Girl

   This doll came from Oregon, sometime in early August.  She was very tattered and worn.  She called herself, Ghost Girl.
    She was aware of the fact that she was only a "ghost" of what she once was.

   We became acquainted in the usual way.  I listened, and considered ways to help her.  She sat patiently on the cupboard in the studio, hoping something magical could happen to her.

         The process of removing all of the surface on her head, and attending to the sorry state her hands were in, took quite a long time.    I took these before photos, and then, I thought I forgot to take the process photos.  Ghost Girl seemed to have disappeared.   I confused her with another doll who's photos looked very similar to hers, well, quite frankly, I became confused.  

    Ghost Girl measured about 20" long, and from the looks of the composition and the surface, I would guess she dates from the early 1920's.   She had no makers marks on her neck, so her origins are unknown.  Seems applicable for someone who calls herself by the name of Ghost Girl.

    Well, while I sort out this mess, I will find her once again, and let you in on her transformation, very soon!!

   Happy Halloween!   Play Safely!!      
                                                             Smile On!



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