Friday, October 30, 2015

Old Composition Doll Disaster

     This old girl, came in a package with several other dolls.  An Ohio native, she had seen better days, and was truly a causality of a child's love.

    This "one armed wonder" really had me "stumped," (pun intended).     On closer inspection, there didn't seem to be any way to bring her back from this bad state!

    She just wouldn't give up.  She sat waiting and hoping, I would come up with some way to help her.  It seemed the only way to bring her out of this situation was to reconsider, and take a completely different approach to her.

    After chipping away all of the old "plastic" coating, the composition was in worse shape then I feared.
At this point I decided to bring out the paper sculpture.  She encouraged me to "embellish", and give her a completely new look, a new life, a new personality!

    She became a "Changeling".   Becoming a magical being, she decided on the name of, Willowynn.  Her life story is one she has rewritten, and claims she hails from a far away hill in Scotland.

      Willowynn  does a happy little dance whenever she hears a gig!   The sound of  bagpipes really makes this little girl kick up her heels!!

     There are more adventures aplenty in the studio.  More dolls to help, more stories to discover.  I recently came across a doll with a voice box inside that no longer worked, dated 1917.  

        Happy Halloween!   Be Careful Out There....Ghouls and Ghosts Rule!  

                                                        Smile On!     Audrey

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