Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Vogue Doll Restored

   Sometimes life can be a rough road.  This little Vogue doll had seen some interesting times.  The expression on her face is one of pure determination.

   She visited the local doll surgeon, I call him, Doctor Ed.  He is exceptionally good at knowing what to do when the situation seems rather dire.

   Little Vera looked on with some trepidation, but soon realized she was in good hands.  After Doctor Ed finished replacing her limbs with some new springs, her mobility improved 100%.

  She spent some time in physical therapy, and was given a whole new look. Once the hard part was done, I crocheted her a brand new dress, with matching bonnet, and cute little shoes.  It's really fun to crochet little dresses and bonnets!

    Vera is quite pleased with her new life.  She stands at 7", and has a stylish new hairdo, as the wig she had previously was long gone.  The little white shoes were an antique store find, years ago.  And just like in a fairy tale, they fit her "just right".

     Thanks for checking in today.  As the Jolly Dolly Renovator, I just can't help but to....Smile On!


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