Sunday, October 11, 2015

Two Little Uneeda Dolls

    Twins!   These two little dears arrived from Ohio, in July.   They look like another doll I have, that came with her wardrobe box.  They are called "Sweetums".   Made by a company called " Uneeda Doll Co."  from New York.

   They are advertised as dolls that will drink a bottle, wets a diaper, and goes to sleep.  The date on the wardrobe box states that they were patented in May of 1936.

    That makes the little dears about 79 years old.  I purchased the twins first, and decided that they didn't need much TLC.  The only thing that was worn and needed some repair, was their mouths.  They looked like very dark holes in their faces, lips rather tattered from having a bottle shoved into the mouth.  The composition material couldn't hold up to that kind of stress.

    I crocheted these little outfits with matching bonnets.  I looked through my stash of plastic bits, and decided to make a tiny pacifier.  That would be just the ticket, to cover up their worn little mouths.

    This is little "Cora Mae", all dressed up in a sweet little green outfit, she is  about 11" long.

    This is little "Nora Rae", all dressed up in a pink and green outfit.  She is exactly the same size as her sister.   My daughter Maggie, came up with the names for these two.  Perfect, Cora and Nora!

    The third little "Sweetums" doll, is to shy to come out of her wardrobe case.  But, when she finally gets a peek at these two in their new outfits, she will soon want her own little bonnet, and dress, too!  Not to mention a pacifier, as well!

    All my dolls don't arrive looking like terrible-awful-messy little wreaks.  Sometimes, just a little attention can bring back the sparkle in their eyes.   And, make them oh-so lovable once again.

                       Smile On!!      Audrey

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