Sunday, October 4, 2015

Victorian Carriage Restored

    We finished the Victorian baby carriage.   It's not as fancy as it once was, but it is clean, and all freshened up.  We decided on a green color for the fabric, and it looks nice with the wicker.

                                                         This is what it looked like before.

                                                       This is what it looks like now!
                                                  Ed was a great help on this project!

      I have it sitting out in the cottage.  The character doll sitting in the chair in the background is Devon from Delaware.  He sits in the carriage, now.  He imagines a lovely stroll through the park and a clip-clop of a pony's hooves as it pulls him through the lane lined with the  fall colored trees.

      I've been working on several dolls, and have a list of them that are finished and waiting for their "blog-moment".

             Until next time.  And a Merry Little Tune of Happy Birthday to Twyla and Bambi!!

                                                    Smile On!    Audrey

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