Monday, November 23, 2015

24" Composition Doll From 1930?

    I couldn't resist this smiling baby.  Tattered clothes, obviously original, but completely worn out, only added to my need to help fix him up.   On closer inspection his true condition came to light,

    From his head to his toes, the condition was pretty grim.  Once the clothing was removed there was even more bad news.

    His right arm was badly dislocated, and would need the help of the in-house surgeon, Dr. Ed.   The shoulder was mended and the restoration continued.

    James William was completely restored.   From his head down to his toes, all 24" of him.  I bought new pajamas to keep him toasty warm.  His bib is a crocheted antique-find.

    James William is a composition doll, with excelsior stuffing.  I restored his composition, but was able to leave his original body intact.  He could date from  around 1930, is my guess from his condition, and type of material he was made out of.

  His middle name is William, because my daughter thinks he looks like one of my brothers, when he was a youngster.  I agreed, and added the William.   James William is affectionately called "Jimmy".

        Thanks for stopping in today!   Jimmy and I want to wish you a safe and "Happy Thanksgiving!"

                                                          Smile On!!!       Audrey

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Reliable Canadian 1940's Male Doll

      This male doll is a Reliable, made in Canada.  He dates from the early 1940's.  He was dressed in a uniform in his early days.  Unfortunately that identifying clothing was long gone by the time he reached my door.

    He has that classic look of the 1940's.  Handsome man, in his early days.  His body was the right size for his head, the arms and legs were made too short.  The poor guy couldn't even bend his knees.  And to top it all off, his left hand was gone.

    A causality of war games, he needed extensive consideration in how to make him healthy and handsome once again.

    Jon-Paul rests comfortably in a chair.  His arms and legs were extended, giving him proper proportions.
    He enjoyed gaining several inches, and now stands at 19".    His missing hand was replaced with a hook, in consideration of the era he came from.  I added a little gray to his temples, giving him a look of a retired military man.

    Jon-Paul loves the comfy slippers I crocheted for him.  Now the dear man can bend his new knees, and sit with his feet crossed.  Once in awhile, I can hear him humming the Canadian National Anthem.

    Jon-Paul's shirt is made from a sock.  His dress pants were cut and made from a soft fabric that took a nice crease when I ironed them.  His socks match his shirt, and the scarf is crocheted.

   Captain Jon-Paul, retired pilot RAF, wishes you a view of the clouds today!

                                                 Smile On!               Audrey


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Grumpy Composition Doll

    Once upon a time, there was a grumpy little fellow who arrived at my doorstep.  Grumpy was not comfortable with how he was dressed, or how his legs and arms did not fit properly.

   The little raggedy red dress was obviously meant for a girl doll.  The bit of lace at his wrist did not add any confidence to his nature.    His right hand had gone missing long ago, eaten by a dragon!

    Grumpy sat in his red dress, and bemoaned his predicament.   What was this poor little boy to do?
           The Jolly Dolly Doctor to the Rescue!!!!

      A " new-old"  body was taken into consideration.  Finding the size and proportions appropriate, the restoration began.

   His head, and fate in my hand, we proceeded to sand, and repaint his little head.   Grumpy was beginning to feel like a new boy already!

    Grumpy is very pleased with his new life.  The pajamas were made from a pair of socks, I bought especially for him.   His hair and eyes are a lovely shade of brown.

    Grumpy is now called, George.   He has a princely look about him.  He looks quite like my oldest grandson, Dawson.    George Dawson the First.  

     He lives happily ever after in the "Village Room"  with all his little doll friends.   No more Grumpy, truly a  happy little fellow, now!!    As long as the dragon keeps it's distance!

                  Smile On!!        Audrey

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Two Composition Dolls Restored

   Here is a couple of cuties that arrived from the state of New York.  Her name is Margee,  (with an extra "e", cuz' she likes it that way.)   That is Ben sitting next to her.  They are composition dolls, with hands and legs of the same material.  Both of them have new bodies that I made using the pattern from the old ones.   They are each, 24" tall.

   This is their " before" photo.  Margee is in the middle, and Ben is on the right.   The little gal on the left hasn't been restored, yet.

                                                           Sweet Little Kids!

               I hope your Saturday is a cozy one.       Smile On!        Audrey