Monday, November 23, 2015

24" Composition Doll From 1930?

    I couldn't resist this smiling baby.  Tattered clothes, obviously original, but completely worn out, only added to my need to help fix him up.   On closer inspection his true condition came to light,

    From his head to his toes, the condition was pretty grim.  Once the clothing was removed there was even more bad news.

    His right arm was badly dislocated, and would need the help of the in-house surgeon, Dr. Ed.   The shoulder was mended and the restoration continued.

    James William was completely restored.   From his head down to his toes, all 24" of him.  I bought new pajamas to keep him toasty warm.  His bib is a crocheted antique-find.

    James William is a composition doll, with excelsior stuffing.  I restored his composition, but was able to leave his original body intact.  He could date from  around 1930, is my guess from his condition, and type of material he was made out of.

  His middle name is William, because my daughter thinks he looks like one of my brothers, when he was a youngster.  I agreed, and added the William.   James William is affectionately called "Jimmy".

        Thanks for stopping in today!   Jimmy and I want to wish you a safe and "Happy Thanksgiving!"

                                                          Smile On!!!       Audrey

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