Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Grumpy Composition Doll

    Once upon a time, there was a grumpy little fellow who arrived at my doorstep.  Grumpy was not comfortable with how he was dressed, or how his legs and arms did not fit properly.

   The little raggedy red dress was obviously meant for a girl doll.  The bit of lace at his wrist did not add any confidence to his nature.    His right hand had gone missing long ago, eaten by a dragon!

    Grumpy sat in his red dress, and bemoaned his predicament.   What was this poor little boy to do?
           The Jolly Dolly Doctor to the Rescue!!!!

      A " new-old"  body was taken into consideration.  Finding the size and proportions appropriate, the restoration began.

   His head, and fate in my hand, we proceeded to sand, and repaint his little head.   Grumpy was beginning to feel like a new boy already!

    Grumpy is very pleased with his new life.  The pajamas were made from a pair of socks, I bought especially for him.   His hair and eyes are a lovely shade of brown.

    Grumpy is now called, George.   He has a princely look about him.  He looks quite like my oldest grandson, Dawson.    George Dawson the First.  

     He lives happily ever after in the "Village Room"  with all his little doll friends.   No more Grumpy, truly a  happy little fellow, now!!    As long as the dragon keeps it's distance!

                  Smile On!!        Audrey

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  1. The look of Dawson indeed, George no doubt will keep his youthful twinkle for many years! Forever young George!