Thursday, November 19, 2015

Reliable Canadian 1940's Male Doll

      This male doll is a Reliable, made in Canada.  He dates from the early 1940's.  He was dressed in a uniform in his early days.  Unfortunately that identifying clothing was long gone by the time he reached my door.

    He has that classic look of the 1940's.  Handsome man, in his early days.  His body was the right size for his head, the arms and legs were made too short.  The poor guy couldn't even bend his knees.  And to top it all off, his left hand was gone.

    A causality of war games, he needed extensive consideration in how to make him healthy and handsome once again.

    Jon-Paul rests comfortably in a chair.  His arms and legs were extended, giving him proper proportions.
    He enjoyed gaining several inches, and now stands at 19".    His missing hand was replaced with a hook, in consideration of the era he came from.  I added a little gray to his temples, giving him a look of a retired military man.

    Jon-Paul loves the comfy slippers I crocheted for him.  Now the dear man can bend his new knees, and sit with his feet crossed.  Once in awhile, I can hear him humming the Canadian National Anthem.

    Jon-Paul's shirt is made from a sock.  His dress pants were cut and made from a soft fabric that took a nice crease when I ironed them.  His socks match his shirt, and the scarf is crocheted.

   Captain Jon-Paul, retired pilot RAF, wishes you a view of the clouds today!

                                                 Smile On!               Audrey


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  1. Happy retirement Jon-Paul, looks like many happy & healthy years ahead thanks to Kaselau Studio's Home of Doll & Figure Rehabilitation!