Saturday, November 7, 2015

Two Composition Dolls Restored

   Here is a couple of cuties that arrived from the state of New York.  Her name is Margee,  (with an extra "e", cuz' she likes it that way.)   That is Ben sitting next to her.  They are composition dolls, with hands and legs of the same material.  Both of them have new bodies that I made using the pattern from the old ones.   They are each, 24" tall.

   This is their " before" photo.  Margee is in the middle, and Ben is on the right.   The little gal on the left hasn't been restored, yet.

                                                           Sweet Little Kids!

               I hope your Saturday is a cozy one.       Smile On!        Audrey                                      

1 comment:

  1. Margee and Ben look so happy! Margee's freckles are "spot on" cuteness! Brown eye girl and blue eye boy, hmmm :)