Friday, December 4, 2015

Early 1900's Composition Doll

    Thank Goodness It's Friday!!!     This old girl needs a long weekend, in an industrial type of spa!!
I know just the place....Studio 2137!

   She arrived with two of her sisters, and I asked them to pick a number, she won.  She is the one on the far right.  The process started with a new body type. I cut the body from muslin fabric, and re-stuffed her with the original cotton.   She really wanted a slimmer profile, so I took that under consideration.

   She is one cool little girlie!!  We decided on the name "Jazz".  Because she is all guessed it...Jazz!.
   He leggings are a stocking top.  Her tank top is another stocking.  I crocheted her the hat, shoes, and her little shoulder wrap.

                                                     Jazz is 13" tall.  She came from Iowa.

    Hope your weekend is fun-filled and relaxing!!!       Smile On!       Audrey


  1. Jazz looks better than ever! Her sisters I'm sure are excited for their makeovers as well! Bravo! xoxox

    1. Thanks for all the wonderful comments, Ray! It's encouraging!! xoxoxo

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