Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Refrigerator Art Extravaganza Returns!

    Way back in November of 2013, I wrote a blog about some refrigerator art I was doing at that
time.  Well, the stash of discarded magnetized calendars called me back. I cut out these leaf shapes and started arranging them all over the frig.

   This is a close up of the cut out leaf shapes I made.  The beauty of these little bits of magnetized outdated cut-outs, they are easily removed and placed in different ways.  The possibilities are endless.

   That big white surface takes on a whole different "artzee" look.   I enjoy seeing the shapes swirl around on the surface, instead of my grocery list, coupons, appointment cards, and other boring stuff like that.

    Looks like a living plant, kinda' don't you think?  I am glad I rescued these calendars from the landfill!!  

                               Smile On!!         :^)   Audrey

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