Sunday, December 20, 2015

Three Little Sisters from Iowa

   The three little sisters are all done, now.

    They are all happy to be finished.  Sitting proudly in the basket, Precious, Edweena, and Jazz, want to wish you a happy holiday season.

   Little Miss Precious looked very pale, but her exterior surface was in good shape, and only needed a light sanding before I painted her.

   With two little teeth in the bottom of her mouth and a sparkle in her brown eyes, we decided on what her wardrobe would be like.

Precious decided on a traditional gingham print, that matched her bonnet that I crocheted for her.

     So, after a long journey from Iowa, the little sisters all tattered and overly loved through the years, are now ready to begin their new lives here in the 21st century.   

Before restoration.


Hope you have a little sparkle in your eyes today!

Happy Holidays!

Smile On!


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