Sunday, December 25, 2016

Buster the Cat

                                                      Buster has been waiting....

                                                                    .......and waiting.

                                        To wish you, and yours, Happy Holidays!

                                                            Smile On!        Audrey

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hats, Hats, and More Hats!

                          I have been busy, crocheting hats.  Here is a few that I recently finished.

                                 This one is made with soft yarn, and the granny square!

                                                       I even made a few for the men.


                                          This one is a free-form design.  I call it the Rooster.

           It was a fun piece to make, it started one way, and ended up going in a completely different direction.  I have had a few brave men try it on, even.  

     Here is another fancy hat and collar.  The dark gray with the lighter gray makes a nice contrast.  The buttons have a military star on them.  It gives the collar a more formal look.

                                                  Keeping warm is a priority around here.

                                              Bundle Up!   And, Smile On!             Audrey

Monday, December 12, 2016

Free-Form Crocheted Hat and Collar

    Brrrr!   It's cold out there.  We don't have the Kentucky Derby, we have "Cold and Snow".  A woman needs a hat to declare it a good day.

    I crocheted this Victorian inspired combo.   And, the mannequin Sylvia, looks gorgeous in it...she looks good in anything.  She is that kind of girl.

    The hat is a free-form piece, and the collar is my own pattern, too.  Sylvia even looks good from the back.  Hmmmm...I wonder if I am brave enough to wear this to town?  Maybe, to the big ski race in Hayward, Wisconsin.   The famous, Birkebeiner?  Oh, that's right, I can't ski!

   It was a great deal of fun crocheting this hat and collar .. I love to do the free-form work!

                            Stay Warm My Friends!      Smile On!    Audrey

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Banjo Ironing Board

       This old ironing board served a general purpose for a long time.  We found this in an antique shop looking old and bedraggled.  It needed to sing.  My music man Ed, built this into a banjo.

     Ed stained the wood this pretty color, after he added these decorative pieces of wood we found at a local Menards.

    It sounds fantastic!   A real banjo twang, along with plenty of volume.   It folds up, and displays nicely.

                 Happy Day To You!    

                      Smile On!   Audrey

Friday, December 2, 2016

Crocheted-Chain Christmas Tree.

    I would like to share with you a small tree, my Granddaughter Hannah inspired.   When she was a little girl, I taught her how to crochet a chain using some red, green and white variegated yarn.  I kept the chain with my Christmas decorations in storage for several years.

   Hannah is all grown up now, with an apartment of her own.  I retrieved the crocheted chain, and wrapped it around this paper cone I bought at a craft store.  I added the antique wooden spool, some beads, and some little red hearts, along with gold braid I found in some crafty things I inherited from my Mom and Sister.

   With several helping hands, the tradition of crochet travels down through the generations!

                         I hope your day is filled with "contentment".   Smile On!   Audrey


Friday, November 18, 2016

Banjo With Fan-tastic Possibilities!

   A spark, and then, nothing....the ceiling fan was done.  My handy-dandy man, quickly set to work and replaced the non-working fan.  Unknown to me, he had saved the shiny parts, and secretly worked on a project down in our basement.

   One day, he brought this little beauty up to the light of day.   A four string banjo.  The body is the broken fan.  He used a lovely red padauk for the fret board, and the center of the banjo.

    Isn't that a beautiful banjo?   It has a sweet twangy voice to match!  The padauk wood is one of his favorites to work with, it's such a gorgeous wood.

     I like the way Ed made the upper part of the fret board.  Using the gold-brass tuners, with the black knobs in this hollowed-out area is really nicely done!  The length of the instrument is 37 1/2".  The body is 12" across.

          It's good to have a husband who can see the possibilities, and make such a pretty instrument!

                          Hope your Thanksgiving is a Feast of Goodness!!!

                                             Smile On!    Audrey

Thursday, November 3, 2016

1/12th Scale Wooden Furniture Kit

       Last Christmas I received a wooden kit, to build a set of nursery furniture in 1/12th scale.  After some thought, research, and color choices were done, I built the set, and then let the ideas fall into place.


      I painted the furniture all this lovely chocolate brown, and accented with a silver metallic pen, where it was needed.  I decided on the pink, and added tiny pink flowers.                                                         

It was a fun project, and I am happy with the results.  Now, I just need a tiny nursery!

I hope you have a comfortable weekend coming up!

Thanks for the thoughtful Christmas gift, Ray!

Smile On!!        Audrey

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Miniature 1/12th River Boat

     I recently finished a big project.  With Ed's expertise in carpentry, we were finally able to take the project out on the river to see if it was going to float, or not.

   We built this from a bungalow kit, it's a 1/12th scale building.  We decided it would be fun to make a boat house.  It has one open room and a large porch.

   With each miniature project, there is a story to tell.  Ebeneezer and Florence are the owners of this old fashioned grocery/market.  They float down a meandering river, carrying fresh groceries to the inhabitants along the way.  Flo is an exceptional baker.  Eb loves to fish from the porch.  Their dog Skipper is a happy addition to their family.

   The fresh potatoes and flowered plants are waiting for the first customer.  Ebeneezer makes the baskets and sells them when the fish are not biting.  There are a lot of baskets, Eb hasn't had much luck with fishing. But, he is a persistent man!

   You can see the market is stocked full of all sorts of goodies.  Including the staples of life, oatmeal, bread, and fresh eggs.  The baskets of blueberries and cherries are really little beads.  The eggs in the basket and the oranges, potatoes, and apples were all made from paper clay.

   I am really grateful my husband was willing to build this river boat for me.  I had so much fun dressing it up, and prepping all the groceries and other necessities.

   It looks like Eb and Flo are ready to shove off, and get to the next landing, where there will be plenty of smiling customers!

     I hope your day is an easy going, meandering kind'a day!     Thanks for stopping in!

                                                   Smile On!        Audrey

Monday, October 10, 2016

The English Man

   This doll was listed as a conquistador.  However, I recognized his uniform as being English.  He is a representation of a Yeoman Warder.  The duties of the Yeomen is to guard the Tower of London.

   He measures about 13" tall.  And, probably was a souvenir someone purchased.  His uniform was quite soiled, and his ribbons on his shoes looked rather tattered.  He has no marks, so it's difficult to put a date on him.

   I washed the uniform, along with his red stockings.  The piece missing from his chest was once a crown.  I found some images of the original uniform on the internet, and purchased a button to replace it.

   This is the end result.  I added some gold trim to his belt and shoes.  Also, adding the gold trim to the cuffs of his uniform.  The ruffled collar was bleached and came back to a nice white color.  His shoes needed some repair as well.  He has a cloth body, and the proportions were perfect.

   The white beard didn't look right with his hair color.  It almost looked as if someone forgot to paint his beard, as it was painted very thin, like primer.  It was the only thing that needed some paint.  I painted it to match his hair color, and I think it makes him look quite handsome.

                                            Hmmmmmm...this man looks vaguely familiar.

                   Thanks for stopping in today!            Smile On!      Audrey

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Doll Called Morris

    Ahhh...a sleeping baby.  Love the little "beefy" legs on this little boy.  This is a reborn doll.  Sculpted by Alicia Tonar.  She did a beautiful job capturing the girth and weight of a 4-6 month old baby.

   The doll is called "Morris", by the sculptor.   It was "reborn" by Angie Jones, from Tiny Tots Nursery.

   This little boy, measures 23", and weighs 6# and 9 oz.   I purchased him in June.  He has a serious expression and a slight indentation in his chin.

    I decided to call him Bentley Morris Williams.    He is the BMW of dolls, don't you think?  A very classy doll, and one great big arm full of cuddles!

    Bentley is getting that dreamy look in his eyes again.  Such a cute doll!!   He makes me smile, and that's all good, in my world!

                          Happy Wednesday!   May you share a hug with someone today.

                                      Smile On!       Audrey

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Composition Doll: Sonja

   Good Morning!  This is Sonja, she is a restored composition doll.  She dates from 1920-1930's.  Sonja has a cloth body and legs. Her arms are 3/4 length composition, and so is her head.

   There is no manufacturing mark on her.  So she probably is not an expensive doll, but when she arrived she had the traces of being much loved.

   This is all 16" of her, in her natural state.  I love the way her feet are made.  The circle in her chest is the "ma-ma" noise box.  It no longer works, so I removed it to prevent any more rusting on to the fabric.

   I sanded her head and arms and reprinted them.  Her nose was slightly damaged, but still intact!

    Sonja has a sweet disposition, and a twinkle in her eyes once again.  The dress she wears is a vintage one, I washed and sewed it to fit her properly.

   Sonja is wearing a blue bonnet I crocheted for her.  It matches the blue boots I painted on her feet with  added  little heart decoration on the side of each shoe.   She has white bloomers on to keep her modesty.

    Sonja is named after one of my sister-in-laws.   A very kind and dear lady.

          Happy Thursday!   Let's watch October come sweeping in!      Smile On!    Audrey