Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Another Miniature House

   I spent some time working on a "kit" miniature house.  I built it over the last seven months.  It required no nails.  Just glue, and some careful considerations as to what went where.  I am not a carpenter, but decided it was time to challenge myself.

   Finding old houses is a "lucky", chance.  And, renovating three old houses, just made me want to do more miniatures!  I think it's a little obsessive, but oh-so harmless.

    It measures about 30" tall, 23" wide and 11 1/2" deep.  It opens on the front, and has six rooms.  I did some kit bashing, as they say in the miniature world.  I removed all the stairs, so I could have more floor space for the fun little things I wanted to place in this one.

    I call it the Jubilee House, and imagine it's in a quiet neighborhood of New Orleans.

   Here are the colors I decided on.  The front door has a tiny key up on the door ledge to keep out the inquisitive, and uninvited.
   You will be invited to tour the rooms as I start the finishing touches, like floor boards, carpeting, and lights!

   What I like about miniatures is that it's an ongoing , little bit, by little bit, project.  Finding just the right piece of furniture, or accessory to go in that special room.

    The Jubilee House is on it's way.....Smile On!         Audrey

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