Friday, January 29, 2016

Baby Flowers

    It's Friday today!  I would like to share some tiny dolls that I restored.  They all range between 7" and up to 11 1/2".

    Most of these little darlings needed a complete restoration, and even in some cases restrung, as well.

    This one came with some restoration attempted by someone.  Poor little blind baby!

                             Here are some of them ready for their flesh color, and facials!

       This is Baby Iris.  She was the poor little blind baby.  I gave her, "Charlie Brown-like" eyes.

       Here is Baby Lilly.  She needed very little restoration.  Freshened up her eyes and lips, and of course she needed a brand new crocheted outfit, and a bunting to stay cozy in.

                                 This is Daisy.  She is the littlest at 7 1/2", complete restoration.

                         This little darling is called, Kalina.  That is Polish for flower.  She is 9".

        This little beauty is called, Rose.  These dolls date from about 1930 to late 1940's, and are made of composition.

                    This is Blossom.  She is the biggest of the group, measuring at 11 1/2".

   I hope you have enjoyed this little bouquet of lovely babies.  I had fun recreating, and making them beautiful again.  They are all dressed up in their bonnets and buntings.  Thanks for stopping in today!

                                       Smile On!         Audrey

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