Monday, January 18, 2016

Jubilee House: Second FloorTour

      Welcome Back!   Let's take a tour of the second floor, here in the Jubilee House!

     The walls and carpet is gray, just like the living room on the first floor.  The trim is a nice clean white!  The bedroom set is a purchased one.  The cherry colored set, warms up the room nicely.  The jewelry stand on the far right opens up, and the drawers work just like a full size one.  There is a tiny bottle of Channel No. 5 on top.    
   The painting on the wall was done by an artist from the Stillwater area.  Love her work!  The basket of lilacs, is a floral arrangement I made.  It's really fun crocheting those little baskets, and finding flowers tiny enough to arrange in them.  In this basket, I painted white flowers to look like lilacs.
    The little poodle is hoping to get a closer look at the dove up in the bird cage on the dresser.

    There is a little light switch on the wall next to the lamp.  It adds just a little touch, unworkable, but cute!
I am still looking for some more art work for this room.  I am quite happy with how the door turned out, with the gold door knob.

   The bathroom is next to the master bedroom.  It's a really pretty lavender color.  The flooring and border along the wall is an art paper.  The wainscoting is also an art paper, covered with a clear glossy contact paper.   The basket and flowers are another arrangement I made.

   Here is a full view of the room.  The light I use is one of those little tea lights, I am not brave enough to attempt a full wiring of the houses...yet.  It's quite easy to change the batteries in these little lights.
   The door to the bedroom is on the far right of the room, couldn't quite get that in the photo.  The cupboard in the back of the room was a $1.00 find, that I painted, and added the towels and little bottles of perfume.  I even added an extra roll of toilet paper on the lower shelf.
   That's it for the second floor, next time the third floor!

                            Keep Warm!!   It's very cold here in Wisconsin today!!

                                                 Smile On!         Audrey


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