Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Jubilee Houses' First Floor

    The Jubilee House is nearly done, now.  I have been purchasing furniture, and odd little things to move into the rooms.  One of my favorite, is the living room.

Where else would a person dare to have white furniture?

   There is a gray carpet, and gray walls.  The floor boards are white, along with the rest of the trim around the door.  The family collects shells, and odd bits of coral.

    It's a relaxing room, and magically the white furniture never shows a speck of dirt, at anytime, or any where.  Go figure, only in the mini world!

    The kitchen is next to the living room.  The flooring is a paper covered with a clear coat.  The walls are a soft sage green.  The trim was left wood , to accent the wood in the floor.

    Looks like someone is ready for some toast and jam.  There is glasses with orange juice, and more juice sitting by the kitchen sink.  The fancy coffee pot is warm and ready to serve up a hot cup of java, too.

   Here is a full photo of the kitchen.  I purchased the appliances, with the table and chairs all together in one package.  Always bargain hunting, I had the good fortune to have a 40% coupon!

   That's the first floor of the Jubilee House!

Next time, we will take a look at the second floor.  

Thanks for stopping in today!

Smile On!        Audrey

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