Sunday, January 24, 2016

Third Floor Tour of the Jubilee House

   The third floor of the Jubilee House is split into two bedroom.  One for the baby girl, and the other is for the teenage brother.  Spanning the two different age groups made for an interesting challenge in decorating the bedrooms.  Let's take a look.

  The baby's room is on the left side of the building.  I went with pink, and angels.  The gingham floor is an art paper.  The blue edging up along the wall, was a craft store find.

    This shows the entire room.  Baby Dixie is in her crib, with a soft crocheted blanket.  The rug on the floor was a find at an antique shop, disguised as a potholder.

   Here is a close up of baby Dixie.  Since taking these photos, I purchased some tiny accessories.  A box of diapers, and some shampoo, powder, and a tiny jar of Vaseline.   She looks real sweet sitting in her crib.

    Let's go over to the right, and take a look at her brothers room.  At the moment it's tidy, her brother is not known for picking up after himself.

    This young man has many interests.  Trains, dragons, biking, graffiti artist Keith Haring's work, and old movies.  Oops, looks like he forgot one comic under the door.

   He is in a band, and plays guitar.  At school he is studying the saxophone, that's resting on the wooden storage chest under the dart board.  Like the rest of the family he collects shells, and found the large one up on his dresser, next to the dragon sculpture.

   Oh, yes.  There is his dog, Max.  He loves to photo bomb, whenever he sees the camera out!  That's why he is not in focus, always on the move!

    Here is a closeup of that saxophone.  I just love the detail on this little gem, too bad it doesn't play as well!

    Well, here is a full view of the room.  This was a lot of fun to pull together.  I hope you enjoyed the tour of the Jubilee House.

      Thanks for stopping by, dear family and friends.......Smile On!!         Audrey

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