Friday, February 19, 2016

Restorative Cure for Winter

     Feeling a little washed out?  The winter blahs got you down?  It's raining here in northern Wisconsin.  Would you believe this little doll is feeling it, too?

    He has that, "all over"  his little old body "blues."

    This doll dates from the early 1900's, and measures about 12".
It was time to turn his life around, and get him back into a sunny disposition...sometimes you just have to work at it!

   Here he is!   His old body was in such bad shape, and clearly not in proportion to his head and little arms.  I had received this little infant body in a package deal sometime ago.  It was perfect.

After restoration was done on his little head and arms I put him back together.  His pajamas are made from a pretty mint green colored sock I purchased especially for him.

    No more washed out, sad old winter blues for this little guy.  He has a nice rosy glow in his cheeks, and a twinkle in his baby blue eyes!   I gave him the name, Michael Aarte.  His middle name is Scandinavian.  I just love the way it's spelled!

     Happy Friday!    I hope your weekend is restful and relaxing!!    Hey, maybe a pajama day would do you some good!  

                                           Sunny Smile On!!!         Audrey

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Vintage Composition Raleigh Doll

   This big fella' traveled all the way from Illinois, way back in November.  He was in rather tough shape, and built different then any doll I had ever seen before.

    A broken hand, and several deep breaks in his torso, along with a leg that needed to be reattached were just a couple of the major things he needed repaired.

    He was held together by some very heavy industrial springs.  The springs created stress, and he needed repairs from that as well.

   The big scar on his nose, was another problem we both had to face.  He had a glowing personality, and a cheerful disposition throughout his ordeal.

   I  did some research, and decided that he is probably a Raleigh Doll, dating from 1918-1919.

    I want to introduce you to, Russell.  We call him "Rusty", for short.  He is a big boy, measuring a full 23".

    I just love his little round tummy.  Some of the springs have been replaced, so he isn't under so much stress on the inside, (thank goodness my husband is such a handy man!).
   The sweater he is wearing is one I knitted several years ago.  I was just keeping it for someone special!

                     Thanks for stopping in today!         Smile On!      Audrey

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Vintage Valentine Greeting

    Happy Valentines Day!   This is a card that is dated 1926.  It was my Mother's card.  She was 14 when she received this from a friend.   I am so glad she saved this.

    Here is a closeup of the same card.  I love the tissue accordion in the center, and all the details.

    Here is a few more, Mom saved.  Some of these are dated 1927 and 1929.  Love the colors, and the purple one folds out, making it more 3-dimensional.

    Here is a couple more.  These two are showing the technology of the day.  The one on the left is showing a little boy playing with a radio headset.  It's dated 1929, and still has the 2 cent stamp on it.  The other one shows a fancy radio/stereo(?), and it's dated 1931.  Mom and Dad received this one from their friend, Ruby.  

                          I hope on your Valentines Day, you can feel the love!!   It's what makes the world
                                                       go around and around!!

                                                 Smile On!            Audrey   <3                                                                                                                               

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Adult Coloring Books

    I caught the coloring book bug!   It is relaxing to sit in the evening, watching the TV, picking a color and adding to the intricate design of the pages.  I enjoyed coloring when I was a little girl, and it's fun now!
    Some of the pages are an all over, repeating pattern.  Can be a little, I cut the page into four pieces.  Color one and moved on to another page I had also cut up.  Variety is a lot more interesting!

    I have quite a few books to choose from, and I've purchased several packages of markers.  I could use colored pencils, but there is something about the brightness of the markers I like.

    After finishing several small pages, I decided to make cards out of them.  It's a nice little stash, ready for greetings, or celebrations.  

   Have you ventured into the coloring book craze?  If you do, it can be an enjoyable past time, and then you can make up some lovely cards with your creative touch!

                                                         Smile On!          Audrey  

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Restoration of a "Petite" Doll

    This little doll I want to share with you today, came looking pretty rough.  There is a great deal of personality, under all that crazing on her face!

    She came with her original clothing, the bottle she holds is not original, a modern plastic has been substituted for the glass one she held when she came into this world in 1926.

    After taking her gown and bonnet off, I found she still had her original undies, stockings and booties!  This is rare with a doll this old!  Her body was in good shape, so I concentrated on her head and arms.  The restoration began.

     Adding a little bleach brought back the whiteness to her clothing.  It was a joy to finish the restoration of her face and arms and return her little outfit to her.  I crocheted the blanket for her.

    Here she is!   Measuring a full 14", with her little tin eyes all sparkly again!  On her back she has a mark that reads, "American Petite Doll Co."   I named this little beauty, Alice.

    I hope your day is full of "Wonder", and if you find your mind wandering into imaginary things of pure delight...enjoy!  
                                      Smile On!        Audrey