Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Restoration of a "Petite" Doll

    This little doll I want to share with you today, came looking pretty rough.  There is a great deal of personality, under all that crazing on her face!

    She came with her original clothing, the bottle she holds is not original, a modern plastic has been substituted for the glass one she held when she came into this world in 1926.

    After taking her gown and bonnet off, I found she still had her original undies, stockings and booties!  This is rare with a doll this old!  Her body was in good shape, so I concentrated on her head and arms.  The restoration began.

     Adding a little bleach brought back the whiteness to her clothing.  It was a joy to finish the restoration of her face and arms and return her little outfit to her.  I crocheted the blanket for her.

    Here she is!   Measuring a full 14", with her little tin eyes all sparkly again!  On her back she has a mark that reads, "American Petite Doll Co."   I named this little beauty, Alice.

    I hope your day is full of "Wonder", and if you find your mind wandering into imaginary things of pure delight...enjoy!  
                                      Smile On!        Audrey

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