Friday, February 19, 2016

Restorative Cure for Winter

     Feeling a little washed out?  The winter blahs got you down?  It's raining here in northern Wisconsin.  Would you believe this little doll is feeling it, too?

    He has that, "all over"  his little old body "blues."

    This doll dates from the early 1900's, and measures about 12".
It was time to turn his life around, and get him back into a sunny disposition...sometimes you just have to work at it!

   Here he is!   His old body was in such bad shape, and clearly not in proportion to his head and little arms.  I had received this little infant body in a package deal sometime ago.  It was perfect.

After restoration was done on his little head and arms I put him back together.  His pajamas are made from a pretty mint green colored sock I purchased especially for him.

    No more washed out, sad old winter blues for this little guy.  He has a nice rosy glow in his cheeks, and a twinkle in his baby blue eyes!   I gave him the name, Michael Aarte.  His middle name is Scandinavian.  I just love the way it's spelled!

     Happy Friday!    I hope your weekend is restful and relaxing!!    Hey, maybe a pajama day would do you some good!  

                                           Sunny Smile On!!!         Audrey

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