Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Vintage Composition Raleigh Doll

   This big fella' traveled all the way from Illinois, way back in November.  He was in rather tough shape, and built different then any doll I had ever seen before.

    A broken hand, and several deep breaks in his torso, along with a leg that needed to be reattached were just a couple of the major things he needed repaired.

    He was held together by some very heavy industrial springs.  The springs created stress, and he needed repairs from that as well.

   The big scar on his nose, was another problem we both had to face.  He had a glowing personality, and a cheerful disposition throughout his ordeal.

   I  did some research, and decided that he is probably a Raleigh Doll, dating from 1918-1919.

    I want to introduce you to, Russell.  We call him "Rusty", for short.  He is a big boy, measuring a full 23".

    I just love his little round tummy.  Some of the springs have been replaced, so he isn't under so much stress on the inside, (thank goodness my husband is such a handy man!).
   The sweater he is wearing is one I knitted several years ago.  I was just keeping it for someone special!

                     Thanks for stopping in today!         Smile On!      Audrey

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