Wednesday, March 23, 2016

1918 Doll Restoration

    Here is a little doll that I purchased from Iowa back in November.    It measures 19" and has a mark on the back of it's neck that reads L.A.&S'  19@18.

   The body was stuffed with cotton, and there were several fingers missing from it's little hands.   Someone lovingly  put this little gray coat on, with a velvet sash.   I decided to keep the original body, as I really liked her plumpness. I  freshened her up with a fabric spray, so now, she even smells good!

    She cleaned up nicely.   The fingers were so badly broken, I decided it would be best to use the mitten-sleeves to cover up the poor broken digits.
    I purchased the sleeper,  crocheted the sweater-vest and bonnet to add a little more to her overall look.

   It was nice to rediscover her teeth, and dimpled cheeks during restoration.  We decided on the name of "Elza".

   Thank you for stopping in today, Elza and I appreciate your visit!      Smile On!    Audrey


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