Tuesday, March 29, 2016

1920's Doll Restoration

    One day this little doll took a bad blow to the cheek.    Her head was split open, her body, and arms needed to be replaced.  She measured 20", and probably dates from 1920.  She was not an expensive doll, she had no company mark on her, and the material she was made from was rather course.

   Once I repaired her head and face, I used a primer of white acrylic, and then the baby blue.  She has a darling smile, and her hair style is quite distinct.  The style gives her a big girl look, rather then an infant.

   I used a product called "paper clay" to fill  in the damaged cheek and forehead.  It's a clay that dries quickly, and with the ability to sand it down, it is my favorite tool for these little dears that come with parts missing.

   Her smile is so cute with those little teeth!  I dressed her in this outfit first.  I purchased the dress at a "Goodwill" store.  Someone handmade it.  It seemed to work until I found another outfit with a little more color to it.

    I think it was the hat that sold me on this one.  Since taking this photo I have found a matching pink jacket for her as well.  The shoes are a pair I purchased a long time ago, just keeping them for the right little "Cinderella".

   Her she is, not shy about having a closeup photo taken, "Darla", smiles happily for the camera.

        This is the 70th doll I have restored in the last few years.   Happy Tuesday to You!!  

                                              Smile On!        Audrey

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  1. WOW! That's an impressive facelift, amazing job always! xoxo