Monday, March 7, 2016

1924 E.I. Horsman 10" Baby Boy

    This little boy,  dated 1924 and made by E.I. Horsman, is feeling good after his restoration.  At 92, he still looks a little rough around the edges. However, his "Before" photo is really scary!

    Life had dealt this little guy some bad cards.  He obviously was left somewhere cold and damp.
His little tin eyes were so far gone, I couldn't salvage them, and needed to do some cosmetic surgery to give him new eyes.

    After a little rest, relaxation and restoration, his sweet little 10" self came through looking pretty comfortable, as you will see by the next photo.

   Chester has a warm little bunting to snuggle down into when he feels a chill.  The little colorful pj's and matching hat, made from a pair of socks, really keep him toasty, now.

    I hope you are warm and comfy today!       Smile On!    Audrey

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