Thursday, March 24, 2016

A "Royal" Restoration from 1915

   OK, I am a push over for a sad face.  This big doll, measuring in at 26",  a rare mark on the back of her neck, "Royal"....well, let's just say I couldn't resist a really tough challenge.

    She needed shoulder surgery, and the wig she had was, way past it's glory days.  She was faded from to much sun.  I proceeded, hoping to bring the color back into her cheeks.  Including a new body, using her old body for a pattern.  I found the broken "cry box" inside her back, it was dated 1915.

   Extensive deep cracks, revealed the composition under the first layer, was really a rough texture. I had to proceed cautiously,  patching and sanding her entire head, arms and legs.  Big girl, big job...I loved every minute of it.

   Off with the wig, and I cleaned up someones attempt at taping her back together.  I carried on....the next photo shows how she looked when she arrived.

     She was fully dressed, right down to her undies, and socks, with a pair of old booties.   As is often the case, someone decided she needed a brilliant red nail polish, added to those pudgy baby fingers.

   The old girl needed a complete make-over, new body and new wig.  I was able to find a pretty vintage dress, and baby shoes, along with a sweet little sweater.   The crocheted bunny, bombed her photo!  We decided he was so cute, we would let him stay!  (Happy Easter).

    Here she is, all prettied up and cute as a button!   She came from Minnesota, so I started calling her "Minnie" right from the start.  The name stuck, so she is officially called "Minnie Mae".  Once again, she is a lovely little girl.  

               Happy Easter, my dear family and friends.     Smile On!   Audrey 

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