Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Effenbee 12" Girl Doll

    This little 12" doll is an Effenbee doll.   She was probably made in about 1920.  The company that produced this doll was owned by Fleischaker & Baum.  I like how they took their two names and came up with the acronym of Effenbee.

    After restoring her head (sorry no before picture), I made her a body sock, to cover her grungy body.  I didn't want to replace it with a new one, as I liked the shape she had acquired over the years.

   After a few days of resting and waiting  patiently, she finally had a new outfit fitted and ready to wear.

    A slimming crocheted teal blue dress trimmed in dark brown, suited her just fine.  Her white leggings covered up her legs nicely, too.

    Oh!  Look!   New shoes!!  What girl doesn't appreciate a new pair of matching shoes?  Ahhh, she is ready for dancing across the world.

    " Effie Anne Bea", wants to "Thank You" for stopping in today!   She hopes you can find sometime today to do a little"happy dance", where ever you are.

                                               Smile On!!       Audrey


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