Saturday, March 12, 2016

Guitars, Diddly-Bows, and Dulcimers

    The Music Man has been busy this winter.  My husband Ed, has made several musical instruments I would like to share with you.

   A cigar box guitar is a brand new adventure for Ed.  Our son gave him a book on how to make these, and a cigar box for Christmas.  This is one of the first ones he attempted.  It has a bright sweet sound, with 3 strings.

   The metal grommets open up the sound box, and add a nice splash of bling to the surface.  It measures about 34" long, from the tail to the top of the fret board. The fret board is made from oak.  He has made several more since completing this one, all with different cigar boxes and fret boards.

  This is a pair of Diddly-Bows, he made.  This is an ol'time instrument, with just one string.  He has used the contemporary energy cans, and added a little bling with the tack heads adding a nice sparkle.

    Ed likes to use the cans as inspiration for the colors he uses on the rest of the instrument.  A unique sound can be attempted depending on your musical ability, and a little background in string instruments helps with this one string wonder!

   Of course he still makes dulcimers.  These two are his latest creations.  They are three sting, which I find easier to play, (I'm learning!)  The strum hollow is a nice addition to these, and the red paduke (an African wood) makes a very beautiful fret board.  The red wood is also used on the sides.  The top and back are maple.  He tunes these to DAD, and they always make such a lovely sound.

   Do I hear him heading to his shop?   I marvel at his ability to create such fun instruments, and I can't wait to see the next one!

                Hope your Saturday is filled with a song!      Smile On!     Audrey

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