Thursday, March 17, 2016

Two Boy Dolls from 1919-20

       Happy St. Patrick's Day!   I am in a writing mood today.  So, as luck would have it....I have a few "before and after" photos to share with you.

   This little feller' came from Indiana.  And, has since undergone a transformation.  This doll was made from a different type of composition, and I needed the help of my dear husband.  He literally had to use a small dremel tool to sand off the paint surface for me.

   Quintin, turned into a handsome little boy!  I remade his body, and reattached his little hands.  I even painted in a couple of extra bottom teeth.

   Now, he is snuggled down in his green bunting with red trim.  He is 13" tall, dates around 1920, and is not identified with any doll company.  Such a cutie!

   This is an "after" restoration photo.  This little doll came from the state of Washington.  When he arrived he was in rather bad shape.  He had a mark on his neck that read LDC with 1919, under that.

    At 97 years of age, he had been loved.  He was made of a similar composition like Quintin.  But, for some reason it was easier to remove the paint surface.  The body was an elongated shape, and I made him the exact same body that I made for Quintin.  This little doll measures 12", however.

   I did some research, with the help of my granddaughter, and found an African name for him, "Zaki", which means lion.  These two little boys are restored and resting comfortably in the Village Room with the rest of my doll collection.

   It sure is fun to see the results of the restorations, it seems to bring them back to life, with personalities plus!

              Thanks for stopping in today!       Smile On!    Audrey

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