Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Unmarked 1918 Doll

   My cat, Buster, took to this little doll.  The doll arrived from Nevada.  Maybe it was that dry desert air that had Buster so intrigued.

   The doll is an unmarked one, measuring about 19" tall.  The "ma-ma" box inside didn't work, and when I removed it, it had the date 1918 on it.  The wig was an obvious add on at some point in the dolls journey.  I didn't think it looked right, so I removed it.  Turned out to be a vintage doll wig made with human hair.

   The little darling is quite a handsome boy.  I restored the head and arms.  Keeping the old body with the soft legs, I was able to mend his little original shoes and put those back on.

    This little doll had a complete transformation, and is in good condition once again.  The romper is one I bought at an antique store, fits him perfectly.  Reginald, is a happy little sort, and prefers to be called Reggie.

    Thank you for stopping in today.  I am enjoying this adventure of restoring dolls very much, and I appreciate your interest in their stories.

                        Smile on!      Audrey

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